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Thanks so much for the wonderful trip. It was really special for me. Thanks as well for encouraging me in German. Ich werde besser werden. ;)
Amy Greenspan, Keene, NH
2011 Participant
I was a recent participant in the GLSC summer program in 2001 and 2005. I attended both programs for the entire period in Munich and Constance. It was an experience that I will always remember as those cities and the landscape are so enjoyable. I truly enjoyed visiting Germany and surrounding regions while learning about its unique culture. It is an educated, friendly, and socially outgoing culture. I visited many locations and attended many festivals as recommended by Peter Schroeck. He has selected some of the best sights in Southern Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and France.
Adam Kice, Topeka, KS
2001 & 2005 Participant
I had a wonderful experience on this trip. We were given a lot of independence, which I enjoyed, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in traveling around and seeing the most beautiful parts of Southern Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.
Melissa Sherman, Dennis, MA
2005 Participant
I loved the Konstanz program – Dr. Schroeck managed it very well and made it easy to fit in during the trips and the residence in Konstanz. The sidetrips (Munich, the countryside, various places in Switzerland, Strasbourg, Colmar, etc.) were well planned and executed – I learned a lot from the visits. Konstanz was lovely, especially the climate. I also enjoyed delving into the history of the place and getting to know such an ancient German city. My favorite spot was Reichenau and its various festivities. All in all, my stay in Konstanz was great.
Leonard P. Hindsley, Ph.D., Fall River, MA
2002 Participant
As a first time visitor to Germany, I found the program offered a wonderful exposure to the rich and varied culture of Germany in a relaxed, non-regimented atmosphere not to be found in your typical packaged tour. The director's intimate knowledge of Germany and its culture is unsurpassed.
Terry Dean, Rochester, NY
2000 Participant
What I enjoyed most about the Program was its flexibility. It gave me enough time to pursue my own interests. The excursions were most interesting. I love German food!!!
Alexander E. Pichugin, UPenn, Philadelphia, PA
2004 Participant
Thank you for everything, I really had an amazing time!
Jacqueline Glokler, North Salem, NY
2007 Participant

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