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Global Call to Action for Heritage Language Education

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A newly established Heritage Language Global Think Tank has assembled a list of recommendations for how to achieve more sustainable heritage language teaching worldwide. As Dr. Joy Kreeft Peyton, president of the U.S. Coalition for Community-Based Heritage Language Schools, explains, “Not everyone is aware of heritage language programs.” Also called “mother tongue schools” or “weekend schools,” heritage language programs are often non-profit, grassroots initiatives operated by parents and volunteers from a language community in order to maintain the language and culture of their children’s heritage. “It is because these lessons take place outside of regular school hours that the general public is often unaware of their existence. But these are hidden gems in our community!”


As the national umbrella organization for German Saturday schools in the US, the GLSC works to increase awareness for German language schools in the US and abroad and fully supports the Global Call to Action. Pledge your support as well!


Find and share the Global Call to Action for Heritage Language Education: 


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Social media images, including ones in German:  LINK


For more information about the Global Heritage Language Think Tank with Guidelines for Heritage Language programs go to:

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