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Deutscher Sprachklub International


The Stiftung Verbundenheit mit den Deutschen im Ausland organizes virtual meetings of the Deutscher Sprachklub International for young people from different countries in Latin America, Eastern Europe, and the USA. The club was founded four years ago with the goal of providing young people the opportunity to meet and speak to German politicians and exchange ideas about their countries of origin and their connection with Germany. Since 2023, the Sprachklub International has been organized in cooperation with the GLSC. 

Meetings are open to all students from GLSC member schools.


The 2024 meetings are planned for the 2ndweek of June, the last week of August and the 1st week of December 2024.


Stay tuned for more information. Interested schools and students can contact GLSC President Dr. Renate Ludanyi at:

For more information about the Stiftung Verbundenheit mit den Deutschen im Ausland and Deutscher Sprachklub International check here:

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